Meet Our Volunteers!

Volunteers are the heart of our club. They bring skills and talents learned in life, at work, and from other club members and mentors, and use them for the benefit of our club. Each of them has their own reasons for taking on an active role in our club, but without a doubt, they all feel the joy and reward of helping others and giving back.

This page is a work in progress. In due course, you will be able to learn about each of them as individuals and what their position entails. For now, only those in bold have a link to write-ups, while all have email links. Just click on a name to toggle on and off. By getting to know the people behind the position and what they do for the club, we hope to make you feel comfortable to interact, ask questions, or reach out to them for help. We also hope that as you reap the benefits the club has to offer, you will step up and take an active role in our club when it’s your turn.